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THE LEGEND OF KORRA is Coming to Netflix Next Month

Whether you’re a fan of The Legend of Korra or not. We knew that this was bound to happen sooner or later. The Legend of Korra has at long last made its maneuver onto Netflix. After the record breaking results that came from the original Avatar: The Last Airbender it only made sense that the sequel was included.

Netflix will get to air Korra in the US starting on August 14. Yes, that means all four seasons for 52 episodes in total.

The Legend of Korra

I personally think this is a highly anticipated move. CBS will be giving all rights to Netflix for the Legend of Korra. In today’s streaming service Netflix is kinda known as the grandfather of all streaming services. CBS has nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain from Netflix adding the show. Even though the show is already on CBS it wouldn’t hit record breaking streaming views. With the show following it’s original story line as the reincarnated Avatar. We’ll definitely be finding ourselves enjoying a nice cup of tea with a stranger.


Written by Val

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