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WayForward Developing a New BAKUGAN Game

Nintendo hosted a Nintendo Treehouse Live event last Friday to show off Paper Mario: The Origami King. However after that showing nintendo announced a new game coming from developer WayForward. The game is Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia.

Bakugan is an anime similar to shows like Yu-Gi-Oh! Or Beyblade where everything centers around a children’s game. In Champions of Vestroia, fans will be able to summon their Bakugan who participate in epic-sized battles. The game appears to be an RPG-style title with Brawls being the form of combat. I’ve included the trailer and the entire Treehouse Live below since they dive pretty deep into explaining combat for the game.

Fans will be able to play Champions of Vestroia on November 3 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Written by Val

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