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“Shikamaru’s Story – Mourning Clouds” Naruto Spin Off Set To Land Next Year

Well the beloved Shadow Mastering Tactical genius who was able to surpass the ranks of “ninja-dom” faster than any of his classmates is now getting his own spin-off story in a novel titled “Shikamaru’s Story”.

Shikamaru’s Story Front Cover

The book start off with Shikamaru from the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations time as he attempts to bring peace to the world while being a family man after starting a family with his one time rival in the sand ninja of Temari, baring a son named Shikadai!

Shikamaru’s Story Back Cover

This is the most recent novel in the “Shikamaru’s Story” novel line, focusing on the tactical ninja as he ages in the world of Konoha of the Hidden Leaf Village. While the series began during Shikamaru’s time during the sequel series of Naruto: Shippuden, “Mourning in the Clouds” revisits the character as an adult as he attempts to balance his duties to the Hidden Leaf with his role as a father. While Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has focused far more on the new class of ninja that are the sons and daughters of the original ninja clan. It’s always good to see a story that swing back to the characters that got us to learn about Konoha and the ninja world created by Kishimoto.

Viz Media shared the announcement that the upcoming spin-off story would be arriving to North American shores next year, giving us a brand new look at the shadow manipulating ninja who has become a fan favorite, with the novel hoping to show us new sides to the character:

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