Ozark Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

There has been no official announcement for Ozark Season 2 release date yet, but a summertime release is currently pretended. As the first season of the show was released on Netflix on July 2017. Filming of same has begun in autumn 2017.

As I previously mentioned, Netflix has teased the season 2 of this phenomenal series but still, there’s no word on its actual release date. Michael Mosley, who performs preacher Mason Young, mentioned that fans should expect Ozark Season 2 by Autumn in an interview with the Cosmopolitan Uk.

“Jason [Bateman] moves fast – he was already putting episodes together when I was wrapping Ozark season one”, I anticipate the second season maybe by fall.”

According to many sources Ozark Season 2 will contain 10 episodes, which would be an hour long. Following the same trend of Ozark Season 1.

Ozark Season 2 Cast

Most of the primary cast is set to return in the second season, including Arrested Development’s Bateman (Marty Byrde) and his onscreen wife, Laura Linney (Wendy Byrde) along with their son Skylar Gaertner (Jonah Byrde) who took to Instagram in February to send Linney birthday wishes, and posted a picture of himself with her on set.

Bateman Mentions,

“Obviously, there’s the opportunity for Marty to work very closely with the Snells and with Ruth,” Bateman said of potential Season 2 plots. We’ve got the riverboat casino and probably some bureaucratic and civic challenges [associated with its operation]. We’re going to have some bad guys that are probably wearing ties next year as opposed to blue jeans. He might spend a little time up in St. Louis or Kansas City in pursuing some of these bigger deals that he’s going to need to accomplish to get this bigger number washed.”


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