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Nickelodeon Announces Patrick Stars Official Spinoff Series!

“Is this the Krusy Krab? No, this is Patrick!”. Forming his path up from being the naive and stubborn starfish under his shell to the host of their own talk show. Called “The Patrick Star Show”. Our chubby Salmon colored friend has paved his route to shellywood! According to Deadline, The Patrick Star Show lays

“inbetween the valley of The Larry Sanders Show and Comedy Bang Bang!, with Patrick hosting his own late-night talk show. Apparently the series will orbit around Patrick and his familials. Fagerbakke is followed by a vastly modern cast voicing new characters, with SpongeBob cast members expected to make occasional appearances, reprising their roles.”

Don’t wory, the show is in great hands. The original creative brains behind Spongebob Squarepants will also be developing this show. With Spongebob being known as a childhood favorite by millions across the globe. There’s no doubt fans are going to be waiting in anticipation for the release date. Nickelodeon has already started recording voice work for the series. Which is expected to deliver a 13-episode order.

This is one of the many project animated spinoffs of the Spongebob series to come. The main voice actor behind Patrick star, (Bill Fagerbakke) expects to come out with more projects such as recently announced adaptation of Real Pigeons Fight Crime and Middlemost Post.

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