Fox Is Developing ‘Bedrock,’ A Primetime Adult ‘Flintstones’ Reboot With Elizabeth Banks


The Flintstones are making a beeline for primetime. Fox Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation (WBA) have announced Bedrock, an adult side project of the exemplary vivified sitcom, which they are creating with entertainer and producer Elizabeth Banks.

The arrangement is set twenty years after the first, as Fred Flintstone plans to resign and the Stone Age offers route to a gleaming and illuminated new Bronze Age. The pilot content will be composed by Lindsay Kerns (Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, DC Super Hero Girls)

Aswell as producing, Banks will voice Pebbles Flintstone, a baby in the first arrangement and now a twenty-something lady setting out on a vocation.

Banks is known for parts in the Hunger Games, Pitch Perfect motion pictures and coordinating movies like Pitch Perfect 2, the 2019 Charlie’s Angels. She voiced Wyldstyle in WBA’s The Lego Movie and its spin-off.

Michael Thorn, Fox’s leader of diversion, said in an articulation:

Some time before the Simpsons and Springfield, the Griffins and Quahog, or in any event, when the Belchers began serving burgers on Ocean Avenue, there were the Flintstones and Bedrock.

Their engraving on the animation universe is critical and adjusting it for the present crowd is a test we here at Fox are anticipating taking on with Warner Bros., Elizabeth, and Lindsay. No pressing factor at all, truly.

Peter Girardi, WBA’s evp for elective programming, added:

The Flintstones are the principal group of early evening animation. Elizabeth and Lindsay have a tremendous interpretation of these characters and Fox and Brownstone are the ideal accomplices to take them back to prime time television.

Peter Girardi, Warner Bro’s Animation

Fox’s free promotion upheld streaming stage Tubi has obtained the AVOD rights to the six additions of the first Flintstones arrangement, which will start viewing on May 1. The show, which was delivered by Hanna-Barbera Productions, was viewed on ABC from 1960 to 1966.

Bedrock will be co-delivered by Warner Bros. Animation and Fox Entertainment. Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman will chief produce through Brownstone Productions. Brownstone’s Dannah Shinder and author Lindsay Kerns will fill in as co-chief makers.

Different producers have attempted to reboot The Flintstones throughout the most recent decade. Most broadly, a Seth MacFarlane reboot was reported back in 2011, yet there have likewise been various other variants created at Warner Bros. Animation, none of which have been freely uncovered.

The method that the reboot with Fox and Banks has been declared proposes that it is a lot further along being developed than past endeavors with a decent possibility of completion.


Written by Hayden


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