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Childhood Series ‘ANIMANIACS’ Will Reboot On Hulu With NEW Episodes!


After hearing a rumor that Animaniacs would be returning with Stephen Spielberg and Hulu teaming up together, our dream has finally come true!

Ensuing 22 extensive years the Animaniacs pave their tremendous return back to life and with more wacky episodes onto Hulu. Promising 2 confirmed NEW whole seasons. The reboot will be co-produced by Amblin TV and Warner Bros. Animation.

“three indivisible, captivating relatives undergo an tremendous time manufacturing havoc & chaos in the lives of everyone they encounter. They have been stashed away inside the Warner Bros. content vault for a very lengthy time, but they have found a way to escape. And escape they do — every day! Creating mischief and comic confusion, Yakko, Wakko and Dot run loose in the city, turning the world into their personal playground.”

Making it’s premiere on November 20th, 2020. I was excited to hear that the show will also be bringing the original voice actors behind the trippy trio. This group involves Rob Paulsen as Yakko; Tress MacNeille as Dot; and Jess Harnell as Wakko.

We haven’t seen an episode produced for this classic series since 1998! That’s nearly 22 years without any Animaniacs so you could say we here at ToonHub are a little pumped.

Written by Val

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