Avatar: The Last Airbender Gets a Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Avatar: The Last Airbender

On the off chance that you’ve always wanted to be a bender, your time has nearly arrived. Magpie Games announced on Wednesday that they’re plunging into the universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra to make a tabletop roleplaying game. We’re ecstatic to hear this news. These animated arrangement have a particularly rich world ready for crafting adventures and missions. The opportunities for the roleplaying framework from bending, to combat, to beliefs appear to be perpetual. They have such a lot of great source material to pull from.

Aang in Avatar: The Last Airbender

President of Magpie Games Mark Diaz Truman said in a statement, “The narratives of Avatar are so moving for us because they are cheerful and heartbreaking. We’re unbelievably eager to bring the tales of brave benders and loyal companionships to tabletop roleplaying games; we know such countless fans of both arrangement have been waiting years for this second! We’re also excited to have the chance to work with Asian planners like James Mendez Hodes to bring the universe of Avatar Aang and Avatar Korra to life such that’s consistent with the authentic, various soul of the two shows.”

The idea of being a bender in the roleplaying game is a dream, yet we’re certain the game will offer other jobs as well. For example, I trust you can play a cabbage merchant. Magpie Games will have players assemble characters utilizing playbook templates. Their release states that players “may shield local merchants from the Triple Threat Triad in Republic City, travel through a soul portal to safeguard a kid taken into the Spirit World, negotiate peace between fighting networks inside the Earth Kingdom, or seek after secrets (and villains) that arise all through their adventures!”

Korra bending fire and water

When can we expect to see it on shelves?

Magpie Games already has a release date planned for the Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra tabletop roleplaying game as well. The Core Book will arrive in February 2022. Two additions, Republic City and The Spirit World, will continue in August 2022 and February 2023. I know I’m not alone in saying my dice and I stand ready.


Written by Hayden

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